Sociotherapy courses

AIST arranges Sociotherapy courses on a 4-level basis, followed by a personal training and apprenticeship phase. The first level course offers, through a theorical approach, the main content and techno-methodological bases of Sociotherapy.

The purpose of the second level course is to create a new sensitivity in using the empathic relationship as a base for the sociotherapeutical operation, to correctly decode the discomfort/s (beyond the self-deception techniques) in order to detect, design and instill the therapeutic dimensions to the individual.

The third and fourth level course is focused on assessing what has been learned in the previous-level courses on personal situations suggested by the student themselves or on emblematic situations suggested by the teachers.

The purpose of this phase is both to introduce the students to the analysis of would-be model cases for their future activity and to be a preamble for the following training and supervision activies.

Director of the courses is Professor Leonardo Benvenuti of the Sociology department of Università D'Annunzion of Chieti-Pescara. He is also the president of AIST.

Courses recipients are mainly sociology, political and social sciences (and related) graduates and majorings, social operators; public and private institutions interested in social-operating staff training (ordinary members).

A further training phase is expected for those that, while not belonging to the previous degree categories, would still like to come near our sociologic knowledge (aggregate members).

Mediation courses

Through a collaboration with the AIMef association, since 2010 the sociotherapy preparation is integrated with a close approach, that of mediation; in order to make it possible for those who pass the first two levels of training to also acquire the mediator title.

That title is guaranteed by AIMef teachers that will be managing this part of the courses.

Courses details - 2018/2021

Percorso per diventare socioterapeuta

1st and 2nd levels

Sociotherapy and family mediation course
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3rd level

Esame corsisti primo livello

L'esame si terrà Sabato 24 Novembre 2018, in via Bentini 20.

Esame corsisti terzo livello

L'esame si terrà Sabato 24 Novembre 2018, in via Bentini 20.

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