Main research, training and operation areas

  • Relational diseases;
  • Adolescence;
  • Drug addiction;
  • Eating disorders;
  • Youth and spare time policies;
  • Family;
  • Inter/intragenerational relations;
  • School and other specialisation means;
  • Mediation and sociotherapeutic mediation.

AIST arranges conferences, performs surveys, designs training-research and prevention-research assumptions, evaluates social policies through various activities. Inside a company context, sociotherapeutic models are used with focused action on groups and commercial areas in order to :

  • strenghten the internal collaborative forces and work motivation between group members (among different sectors);
  • raise the commercial strenght of different business areas, the goals and the company Vision;
  • analyze company moods and design prevention and intervention strategies.

Recipients: local authorities. Public and private schools, public or private training organizations, public and private companies, local non-profit associations (social, cultural), parents associations. Youth associations. Cooperatives, volunteering service organizations.